A Simple Price List for Higher Sales

Here is a simple way to set up your price list.  It's what I've been doing since 2014.  It’s different than most photographers, but I know there are some who do it SORT OF how I do it… but after being in business since 2011… I have finally perfected how I structure my pricing.   

The key for me is to make it simple.  Really simple. Remember, a confused mind say NO, and we want our pricing to be easy for clients to understand, AND easy for you to remember and talk about

And because it is so simple, It does NOT take too much time to set up or to tweak here and there as you are figuring out your rates… 

I remember when I would spend DAYS working on my price list, 

figuring out how much my different labs cost to make all the things, albums, folio boxes, loose prints, matted prints etc… I wanted to give my clients any product they may want.  My idea was that the more choice they had, the more they would buy….

Then I would combine products together and put them into packages that would entice people to buy… tweaking the numbers and moving things around constantly.  Pricing everything individually … gah! It was so confusing. I tried a la carte, and I tried packages.

Then I would get people asking me to substitute different things and “if I don't want the wall art, can I add an extra photo instead? Or can I take just the digitals…”

You’ve been there, right? Maybe you are still there, with that thinking, and messing around over and over with your pricing, and having clients try and move things around to make the package suit them… then you have to try to figure out if that price worked for you and if you will make a profit,... and do all that on the fly, while still looking professional….

If this is where you are, you need to listen to this episode.  This is going to change your life!! … ok, well maybe not your LIFE- but it’s really gonna help you make more sales AND save you so much time on researching prices and designing your price list… so it can change your BUSINESS.

Listen to the profitable portraits podcast here (this is episode 19) . Get exclusive content for boudoir and portrait photographers

Imagine how it will feel to be able to spout off your pricing without even looking at your list. 
Knowing you are giving your clients a good experience and selling them products that make sense to them, and have them thank you after they give you money.

You want the clients to feel like what they purchased is worth it and has a value to them.  You don’t want them walking away, confused about what they bought or wondering how they could get more and pay less by moving and substituting things around.  Am I right?

If your pricing is a pain for you, if you are constantly tweaking and changing things around, then this episode is for you.

Listen to the full details here 



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