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Student Testimonials and
Success Stories

Wondering if my teachings are worth it or if they will work for you?

Don't take my word for it!

"I am at the very beginning stages of boudoir photography and had no idea where to start until I met Tanya! I had a mentor session with Tanya and it blew my mind! I learned so much from her and Tanya was so inspiring that I left my session feeling amazing, educated and so dang excited. The information I received was priceless. I highly recommend Tanya as a mentor!! Not only is she smart and well-versed behind the camera, but she is also a leader and will help and encourage you to be the best you can be and do the best you can! Thank you so much Tanya!!!! I can't wait to see what the future holds!"

Jessica Street

"The whole experience from beginning to end was truly invaluable. I learned that finding the value in my work and the experience I provide is just as important to the client as is the final product. As I revamp my vision and the direction I am taking my business, I regularly review parts of what I learned from Tanya."

Adam Bellaire

"Tanya's experience and business advice has proved to be very valuable in my portrait business. I would highly recommend Tanya to anyone who is looking to push their photography to a next level."


"Tanya is an amazing educator and I love her courses and products. She lays it all out and doesn't leave you guessing how to implement it all or how to fit it into your business. I really appreciate her straightforward approach; no fluff like you get in a lot of the other courses! I would highly recommend her if you're interested in taking your portrait business to the next level!"

Adele Hamilton

"HUGE DOUBLE WIN TODAY! Just wrapped up my first Reveal/Ordering session with my first FULL PRICED client since taking Tanya's course (plus my first ever maternity boudoir client!) She ordered my 2nd collection and added the mobile app :) Then, I had a consultation and she pre-purchased my 2nd collection and is talking about adding wall art at her reveal! I made just under $5000 today! So thankful I took Tanya's course!"

Rachel Furland

"I see there are 491 of us here. A fraction of us are at the end of our course with Tanya. She will be offering it again soon. If you're not one of the less than 10% of us who did it - do yourself a favor! Take her course. Don't be in the race to the bottom, devaluing yourself and our craft. Don't be caught in the middle where no one will buy. Be at the top! Let Tanya show you how to do it step by step. If you're like me and you've got that analysis paralysis kicking your ass and letting your fears keep you from what you know you deserve - well, she will absolutely help you empower yourself and your business. You deserve better."

Aaron Gang

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