Why You Need to Stop Asking the Opinions of Other Photographers

Who cares what other photographer think?  

Let's STOP asking other photographers their opinion, I know that may sound counter-intuitive to what you’ve been doing or what you have seen others do, but stopping this will actually help you move forward in your business and help you serve your clients better.

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I am a big fan of FB groups and I think that if you find the right group, you will get a lot of benefits from it… 

There are some really good groups for photogs out there, AND there are some really bad ones.

I’m sure my story probably sounds familiar to you… maybe you’ve experienced it or maybe you are experiencing it right now, but I remember when I started shooting, I would post some of my images in the groups.  I picked the very best images, I knew how happy my client was with the shot and she bought it, so I knew it had to be good, right?

I asked for cc (which for those of you that don't know is constrictive criticism or constructive comments)... well.  I am sure you know what happened:

My light was too harsh, or too soft. I was overexposed, I was underexposed, the lighting is flat, her eyes were off or just a bit out of focus. You should change your f-stop, your shutter speed or your ISO. You should add some plants, you should put something on your wall. You should change the sheet colors… next time try this instead, blah blah blah

Have you noticed that when you ask photogs for their opinion, they frickin give it!!?

So yeah, when I read these comments, I was bummed.  I really thought this shot was so good, and so did my client!  I felt like quitting because obviously I suck!  

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Please tell me you will leave a group if all you are getting from it is riled up and discouraged.

When you come from a place of negativity, it stays with you, and it will translate to your business and to your clients… so stay away from those groups… 

we’ve all been in them- 

you know what I'm talking about.

You are in this business to make money and be profitable… asking other photogs what they think will discourage you….and waste your time.

Don’t spend time shooting to impress other photographers. 

Learn what your clients want. Shoot that.

You CAN work less and make more! 

Listen to the full episode here



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