Why You Need a private FB Group, and how to Grow it


 You may have heard about why you need a group, you may think you only need a group and not a page or a page and not a group.  You may already have both.  

Let’s dig in and figure out what you need and why AND how to grow them and ultimately get BUSINESS from them…

This is a snippet of the full episode (this one is #5)  To hear the details and exclusive content, head to the Profitable Portraits podcast here

I have photographers tell me all the time that they don't have time for FB, or they have a group and it’s dead, or they don’t get business from FB, or FB ads don’t work.

I am here to tell you that FB DOES work.  Love it or hate it, when used correctly, FB can be a great addition to your marketing and how you get leads and how you interact with your clients.

Listen to the full episode to hear ways and details on how to grow your group, 




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