What photographers can post on social media to get engagement

Today we are talking about social media… but specifically social media for photographers and specifically using VIDEO in your social media marketing efforts

And yes,  I literally just heard you groan…. I know how much you probably dread the thought of doing videos….like most photographers, you are probably much more comfortable benign behind the camera… am I right?  

However, I need you to stick with me here and commit to at least getting a few videos to your platforms on a regular basis while I tell you WHY you need to do this.

First, let me tell you 5 easy and simple video ideas of what to post if you are a portrait photographer

  1. Video of you talking about how you set up/prepare for a shoot
  2. Video of a client testimonial…. Or just the client ‘s words
  3. Before and after the video (use a simple program like Animoto)
  4. Video of you answering FAQs
  5. You telling a client story, how she felt before, what happened at the reveal (crying etc)

These don’t need to be long… in fact, they shouldn't be very long at all… maybe 30seconds-2 minutes if you are using it for social media… shorter is better… and you can cut your videos so your one video is in 3 or 4 different segments… so you can have more unique posts

These video suggestions work for any type of portrait photographer, they will get more people to know, like and trust you, so it’s especially important for boudoir photographers,  

it’s always great if you can show a clip of BTS as you are shooting, say for a family shoot, baby, etc, but it’s a bit more difficult to do that for a boudoir shoot… so you can always ask a friend to pose for you if they don't mind being filmed… or even ask a client… but what I do, is I get my assistant to take some BTS footage, just on my phone while I am shooting and working with the client… she is careful not to have much of the client in the shot, maybe only showing her legs, but potential clients will love to see how you coach and direct during a shoot and these BTS videos will help them realize that it is easier than they think… if you are a family photographer, they will see how great you are with kids and your tricks to get them to look at the camera/smile, etc… if you shoot newborns, it will allow them to see how safe you are when handling their baby, and the things you do to keep their new baby comfortable.  

If you are a headshot photog, your bts can be showing how you get a client to relax in front of your camera so you get a good connection and a comfortable relaxed image… you can show the difference in images with your posing coaching...chin out and down, anyone?  Right? Show an image unposed, with their chin, pulled back, and then ask them to push their forehead towards the camera and lower their chin a bit… compare the 2 images in the video.

All these little video clips will do so much more than just posting a static image, videos will put your potential client at ease, help them picture themselves in front of your camera, and help them get to know you better.  All of these things will help to increase your inquiries and your bookings.

Do them on a regular basis and they will become easy… honestly, getting in front of the camera, especially to do video can be daunting, but I promise you, the more you do it, the easier it becomes…. Start with stories if that makes you feel better, they disappear after 24hours so if the video makes you cringe, don’t watch it...and know it will be gone the next day anyway… but I assure you, people watching do NOT think they are awful and they are not as critical of your videos as you are on yourself.  Trust me.

And I do want to talk to you for a sec about a limiting belief you may be having right now around getting in front of the camera and talking to your potential clients.  

I know this because I had it as well… you are worried someone is going to see your video and judge you… maybe because you don’t have to make up on, maybe because you stumbled over your words or you said Um and Like a lot. 

Maybe it’s because you feel like you are not the BEST in posing and you are worried about what other photographers watching will think.

Maybe your roots are showing, you are wearing an ugly shirt, your studio space is messy, you don't HAVE a studio….

Yes, I can go on and on, and I know you can too… there are SO SO many reasons why we DON'T want to get on video. This is something that is outside of our comfort zone, so our brain is trying to protect us from doing something scary, so it starts telling us all of the reasons why we should NOT do this scary reason….

This is totally normal, but know that you can still do it.  Even if it is scary to you.  Even if it’s outside of your comfort zone and EVEN IF people judge you for it.

Just remember, these videos are for you to reach your ideal client…for them to gt to know you a bit so they can relate to you as a PERSON. 

Think about this: DO you think you would be more relatable to a nervous client, who, btw will be stepping out of THEIR comfort zone to shoot with you, if you are perfectly polished and has a perfect video OR do you think you are more relatable if you just speak, and be yourself… even if you mess up or trip over your words?  

Think about the people YOU connect with online… and I mean who you actually connect with… someone, you watch and think “yeah- I could be friends with that person”  those are probably the videos that are more real right?

it doesn't matter what your friends think or your family, or other photographers… it matters that your potential clients want to see and learn from you.  Keep that in mind.  THEY are the ones booking and paying you… not the other photographers, or your family…

You may be nervous doing videos… but I want you to do them anyway.

Video will 100% help you gain more clients, not only just because FB and IG show preference to videos, but because people prefer videos… you get a better feel for a person if you see them on video, as opposed to a static image.

Make yourself a promise.  

This week- 

make a video. 

Don’t overthink it. just do it… then do another….

Then send me a message and let me know how that was… how it felt with the first video you made, and how it felt as you made more… it will get easier. You just need to do it.


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