What photographers can post on social media to get engagement

Everyone's favorite... social media…

Let's discuss specifically social media for photographers and specifically using VIDEO in your social media marketing efforts

And yes,  I literally just heard you groan…. I know how much you probably dread the thought of doing videos….like most photographers,
you are probably much more comfortable benign behind the camera… am I right?  

Here's WHY you need to do this.

First, let me tell you 5 easy and simple video ideas of what to post if you are a portrait photographer

  1. Video of you talking about how you set up/prepare for a shoot
  2. Video of a client testimonial…. Or just the client ‘s words
  3. Before and after the video (use a simple program like Animoto)
  4. Video of you answering FAQs
  5. You telling a client story, how she felt before, what happened at the reveal (crying etc)

These don’t need to be long… in fact, they shouldn't be very long at all… maybe 30seconds-2 minutes if you are using it for social media… shorter is better… and you can cut your videos so your one video is in 3 or 4 different segments… so you can have more unique posts

These video suggestions work for any type of portrait photographer, they will get more people to know, like and trust you, so it’s especially important for boudoir photographers.

This excerpt was taken from the Profitable Portraits podcast. episode 20.  Go here to listen to the full episode [less than 12mins] 

You will hear ideas on exactly HOW to get footage (it's easy and you already have the tools, even if you don't have an assistant). Plus a little mindset tough-love.

You got this.

Listen here


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