Market your branding photos in a way you probably haven’t heard before


 For those of you that don't know, I am a woman's portrait photographer.  I specialize in boudoir and boudoir is what I shoot 95% of the time. I do, however, market myself as shooting “the three B’s for women”  and that is Boudoir, Beauty, and Branding. In order of preference… Boudoir is my fav, hands down. 

Now the reason I do this is that almost every single woman I have in the studio will do a combination of those B’s during her shoot. 

This is a snippet of the full episode.  To hear the details, and exclusive content, head to the Profitable Portraits Podcast here (this one is episode 8)


You will hear how offering a variety of images will increase your sales, how to position it to your clients, and how to make more money with headshots and branding
that you MAY not have heard before. PLUS how to price it

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