If you must do Mini Sessions- Here is how to run them to make a profit


If you couldn't tell from the title, I am not a fan of offering mini sessions.  

We all know the story of the photographer who is offering themed mini sessions for $50-$100 including a crazy high amount of digitals. 
Don't be that photographer. You will run yourself ragged and make NO money

I get that the idea is to do a high volume at a lower amount, but you need to remember that you are one person and the successful photographers that run a high volume studio have several photographers on staff with a totally different business plan than what you and I have running your studio as the solo photographer.


If you are going to do them, do them right. 

Remember, we are striving to shoot less and make more money- mini sessions are the exact opposite- you will work a LOT and probably make less.

But as you know, I always have a, however.  And this episode is no different.  

This is a snippet of the full episode. To hear all the details and exclusive content, head to the Profitable Portraits Podcast here (this one is episode 7)


I am not a fan of mini sessions, HOWEVER, you can find a place to fit them into your yearly plan if you want to or if this is a way for you to fill up a day every month or every quarter.

Structured properly, you can make really great money on a well organized and planned mini session.

The 4 tips I want to give you around running a profitable mini sessions are:

  1. Price properly
  2. Make it less work
  3. Upsell
  4. Organize and plan

 I used to have mini sessions for headshots and beauty portraits and I have made $5000, $7000, then $8300 on the 3 separate ones that I ran.

Listen to the details and the rest of the episode here




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