EPISODE 7: If you must do mini sessions- here is how to run them to make a profit

Today's episode is a good one.  We are going to be talking about how to run a mini session so you make money!

Depending on your strategy, you can make this work for you very well, or… it can produce extra work you don’t want… how can you avoid this?

I have 4 super simple tips that will up your mini-session game FOREVER! 

Ready to hear them?


Check out these highlights:

  • If you’re going to do mini-sessions, let’s do them right! [01:47]
  • First, What is a mini-session?  [03:10]
  • Make it less work for you compared to a regular full price shoot... [06:57]
  • THIS may be one of the most important points to have your mini-session run smoothly [12:57]
  • If you take the time to plan, Your sessions will run smoothly [15:18]


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