Are You Making These 3 Big Pricing Mistakes?

For today’s episode, we’ll be talking about the three BIGGEST mistakes you can make when pricing your services.

We’ll take some deep dives on strategies, how to position yourself in your market better, and I’ll be giving you some of my personal ways on doing my business as well.

That’s coming up so stick with us!


Check out these highlights:

  • What does ordering Steak have to do with Photography?  [01:15]
  • “When it’s your job, YOU are the expert”  [03:09]
  • Getting your client on the phone [07:39]


Important Links:

  • Click here to join the Photographers Facebook Group
  • Link to the interview I did with Jenna about her experience with me:
  • Go to Audible to get a free audiobook like the one I mentioned in this episode “Everything Is Figureoutable by Marie Forlieo”


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