Meet Your Host

Tanya Smith

I've become more and more passionate about helping photographers learn how to have a successful business.
And I want to do it in the best way possible, with the least amount of fluff (aka BS) possible.

I've been to many conferences as a speaker and as an attendee, and while I love meeting other like-minded people in real life, I don't always love the time away, and the cost of flight, hotel, food etc.

What I DO love is how I come back totally refreshed, inspired and fired up about my business.
So I decided to organize my OWN conference... One without the airfare ticket, and the hotel bill.
A conference you can attend from your couch, where you can get all the inspiration, expertise and networking of an in-person event.

This is gonna get you fired up about your business.

No more conference FOMO. 

Welcome to The Mastery Summit


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Meet Your Speakers

Marissa Boucher | Boudoir & Women's Portrait Photographer & Educator

Presentation: Creating freedom in your business and owning your power

Marissa Boucher is the owner of The Boudoir Divas Studios in Nashville and San Diego. Her mission to empower women through a photoshoot was accelerated by her passion for branding and marketing that mission. While it fuels her studios' success, she spent the majority of her time the last 15 years sharing her discoveries with other photographers.

Her studio has photographed over 4000+ women, many of them flying in from all over the world.

The Boudoir Divas also lead, “Adventuress Trips.” Which takes a group of photographers and models (clients) to exotic destinations for a week-long photoshoot experience. 

Marissa's Website

Heike Delmore | Personal Branding Photographer & Educator

Presentation: Three Hidden Limits in Your Photography Business That Stifle Growth & How to Quickly Level-up

Heike is a globally recognized award-winning branding photographer, successful entrepreneur, speaker, and mentor.

Apart from her role as a full-time branding photographer, Heike also spearheads a transformative Coaching Mastermind helping fellow photographers amplify their profits and ignite business growth. Known for her talent in simplifying complex concepts, Heike guides her students towards quick transformative changes in their businesses.

Heike has taught on platforms such as The Portrait System and CreativeLive. Her popular online course, "From Headshot to Personal Branding," has revolutionized the careers of hundreds of photographers.

When not behind the camera or coaching, Heike enjoys spending quality time with her family on road trips, engaging in personal development, and exploring her passion for interior design..

Heike's Website

Jeff Poole | Co-Founder of Lead Savage

Presentation: Funnel Marketing: The Importance Of Owning Your Audience

Jeff, along with his wife Lori own indigosilver studio in Wilmington NC, offering boutique boudoir portraiture and wedding photography. They also own and operate Photo Insight, their educational outreach for photographers.
Jeff has over 15 years experience as a wedding photographer and one thing’s for certain… Things change. If you don’t adapt to those changes, you’ll be left behind. Due to the success Jeff and Lori have had in their own business with digital marketing, Jeff has taken on the role of Marketing Chair for Professional Photographers of North Carolina.
Jeff is the co-founder of Lead Savage, a web-based software platform designed to help photographers capture, nurture, and convert leads into clients by managing communications throughout the entire lead-to-booking process.

Jeff's Website

Doug Weittenhiller

Presentation: Top 5 Things You Can Immediately Start Doing for a Better Portrait Session Experience

Twig & Olive is a photography studio founded by husband-and-wife couple Doug and Courtney. They possess a unique blend of technical finesse, creativity, and a commitment to perfection while being passionate storytellers who pour their hearts and souls into every project. Their shared wanderlust has taken them to the far corners of the globe. From bustling cityscapes to serene landscapes, Doug and Courtney find inspiration in the diversity of cultures and the beauty of nature. Traveling isn't just a hobby; it's a wellspring of creativity that enriches their work, infusing it with a unique perspective that sets Twig & Olive apart.
They are loving parents to four children who will always come first. Every family member enjoys traveling and having new worldly experiences, with many memories revolving around foods eaten in different places. When Doug is at home, he likes to spend time cooking and playing games with his kids. Courtney, on the other hand, enjoys reading fantasy novels or being involved with her children's sports activities.

Doug's Website

Liz Hansen | Boudoir Photographer & Business Coach

Presentation: The Magic of Same-day Sales 

Liz Hansen is the owner and photographer at Chicago Boudoir Photography, a boutique studio that empowers women to feel confident in their bodies, relationships, and lives. Liz opened her business in 2018 and quickly grew it to be the Chicago area's premier boudoir studio. She also coaches photographers through her online education program, the Million Dollar Studio Program. She has been featured on the TEDx stage, on National Public Radio, and with the Association of International Boudoir Photographers. Liz holds a BA in Art and an MA in Education.

Liz's Website

Tanya Smith | Women's Portrait Photographer, Educator & Summit Host

Presentation: Get More Clients: 10 Ways to Fill Your Calendar, Plus the One Thing You Need to Start Doing Right Now

As Canada’s Premier women’s portrait photographer since 2011, Tanya fell in love with boudoir's power to change how a woman feels about herself.

With her keen eye for detail combined with her signature Flow Posing, Tanya creates a distinctive, instantly recognizable style signature.

As a newly single mom struggling to make a profit in her boudoir photography, Tanya merged her expertise from corporate banking and sales to revolutionize her business. This combination of artistry and business flair gave birth to The Growth Method, a simple strategic system which enabled her to grow her studio to over $400k in sales in less than 1 year.  

Her average sale is now over $5000 per client.

Since 2017, Tanya has been sharing her unique approach, to mentor and coach boudoir and portrait photographers to create impact and income. 

Her online programs have enabled hundreds of portrait photographers worldwide, (in every genre), to grow, and scale a successful business on their own terms.

Tanya's Website

Erin Blackwell | Branding Photographer & Photography Coach

Presentation: Branding photography- Your key to working less and making more!

Erin Blackwell is a branding and portrait photographer in Boise, ID. She is the proud recipient of the GEM Awards for Best Photographer in 2019, as well as a multi-international award winner for her work from The Portrait Masters.

Erin has worked with thousands of entrepreneurs and has photographed some of the Digital Marketing world's top players. She is also the creator of the Ultimate Branding Posing Guide. Erin is also a coach and runs a mastermind, for branding photographers.

When she's not shooting, traveling, or reading branding & marketing books, you can find her at home in Idaho.

Erin's Website 

Jasmine Jade | Boudoir Photographer & Business Coach

Presentation: Find Your Signature Style with Presets

Jasmin Jade is an internationally renowned boudoir portrait photographer originally from Germany, now calling Washington DC her home. With over a decade in the business, she has dedicated herself to empowering women through the art of photography. Her exquisite skills and undeniable passion have landed her teaching positions with notable platforms such as Click Photo School, The Portrait System, and many others. She also passionately imparts her wisdom through her signature boudoir course, "She is Fire." With a unique eye for capturing the essence of femininity, Jasmin's work is more than just photography—it's a transformative experience for her clients.
Understanding the significance of post-processing in photography, she founded "Embrace Presets," a company dedicated to empowering photographers who wish to master their unique editing style. Through this venture, she provides tools and guidance for photographers to refine and enhance their post-production skills.

Jasmin's Website

Amanda Rae | CEO of 17hats, Host of HatsOff Podcast

Presentation: The Secret to Small Business Growth

Amanda Rae is the CEO of 17hats, the premier business management platform for solopreneurs.

Before leading 17hats, Amanda wore many other hats: COO of 17hats. Small business owner. Educator. Mom. Cancer survivor. All those roles have served her well, empowering Amanda to help thousands of small businesses live their dream of entrepreneurship.

Amanda specialized in small business processes, automation, and client experience to conquer the chaos of business and solopreneurs to create a sustainable and growing business.

Amanda's Website

Shawn Black | Boudoir Photographer and Educator

Presentation: Secrets to building a boudoir brand that stands out

Shawn Black is the owner/photographer at Couture Black, a boudoir studio located in Boston, MA. He is also the new owner and president of AIBP (Association of International Boudoir Photographers). Shawn is best known for the dramatic lighting and editorial look of his images which has made him one of the most recognized photographers in the genre. He has written for and had his work featured across the top industry publications and in 2019 was named the AIBP Photographer of the Year.
While being behind the camera creating will always be his first love, he has always been passionate about pushing the genre forward and educating which is why in 2021 he acquired and became president of AIBP. This move has allowed him to further advocate and educate for the boudoir community. Everything Shawn does as a photographer, educator, and advocate for the boudoir community follows his belief that boudoir is for everyBODY, which is why his tagline has always been #BeBoldBeSexyBeYou, with BeYou being the most important part.

Shawn's Website

Karen Bagley | Fine Art Women's Photographer, Master Underwater Photographer & Educator

Presentation: Quick Tips for Social Media Success

Certified UnderWater Portrait and Master Portrait Photographer, Karen Bagley, is the creative lifeblood behind the brand of Significant Moments Photography. Karen is known for combining her editorial eye to genres of portrait work not typically seen, creating an entirely new level of art work. Specializing in women’s portraits as well as her gift with underwater portraiture as a whole.She blends her high-fashion eye right along with the sentiment of the session she is documenting into portraits you will treasure forever.

Karen's Website

Rachel Brenke | Attorney & Educator

Presentation: Protect Your Photography Business with TheLawTog

Hi. I’m Rachel Brenke -TheLawTog. I am an active practicing lawyer for photographers, a multi-industry business owner and photographer (when time allows!). I immensely desire for the all photographers who desire photography to not only be their passion, but their profession, to be legally protected. I believe that legal protection helps each individual photography business AND the industry as a whole.

Rachel's Website

Dina Mande | Photography Business Coach/Mentor

Presentation: Double or Triple Your Revenue With Facebook Ads! 

As a photography business mentor and ads coach, Dina is the creative force behind the “Secret Sauce Campaign Method”, where she’s taught over 700 portrait photographers how to book up their calendars, using the power of campaigns and Facebook ads. Having served as an advertising creative director for two decades, Dina has masterminded campaigns for prominent global brands, intertwining narratives for TV and film. When she’s not coaching, she specializes in creating beautiful portraits for women over 50 in her studio in Paso Robles wine country.

Dina's Website

Cate Scaglione | Boudoir Photographer & Educator 

Presentation: The Luxury Brand: Elevate Your Studio Image + Client Experience

Cate Scaglione is an International, award-winning boudoir photographer with more than 15 years in the boudoir photography world. She is a national educator in the boudoir industry, networking and teaching other photographers how to create quality and life-changing experiences for their clients. She is also a brand ambassador for several companies that serve the photography industry. Previously, Cate traveled the world as a Director of Global Advertising for Fortune 500 companies, overseeing ad campaigns executed with some of the top photographers and filmmakers in the world. Cate's passion is in creation, innovation, and business problem-solving...with a key focus on luxury branding. She uses this knowledge to help photographers overcome their business challenges to be in a position of strength.

Cate's Website

Jeff Brown | The Photographers' Mentor & Author

Presentation: How to Grow a Highly Profitable Photography Business through the Power of FREE LinkedIn Marketing

Photography Business Mentor and 3x Best Selling Photography Business Author.

Working with photographers in over 20 countries worldwide to help them grow their business, increase their following, build a premium brand, and make a lot more money doing the job they love.

Jeff is also President of the BIPP (British Institute of Professional Photography) the world's oldest and longest-running professional photography association, as well as being a brand ambassador for OM SYSTEM, Olympus Cameras.

Having run 5 very successful photography businesses himself, after leaving the British Royal Navy where he'd served as a military photographer, Jeff now devotes his time to writing, creating helpful marketing content, and traveling the world as much as he can.

Jeff's Website

Nino Batista | Photographer & Retoucher

Presentation: Advanced Retouching for Magazine-Style Portraits

Nino's evolving legacy is not solely defined by his impressive body of work but also by the endless list of artists he has guided and inspired. His contributions to the art community continue to be celebrated, establishing him as a trusted luminary in his field.

It’s not a surprise, after all these years, that Nino summarily dropped commercial photography to focus on what he simply has to do – has to make. Hardly a new journey, but now a focused one that will (and already has) cost him quite a lot, he views this all as his calling, his new will, replete with the probity and the sincerity that’s been dormant far too long.

Nino's Website

Leah Clancy | Senior Photographer and Educator 

Presentation: Create Digital Packages That Sell for Thousands.

Located in Vancouver WA, Leah has spent the last 18 years honing her skills as a portrait photographer. Her business has included family, commercial, and boudoir photography, but has focused on high school seniors for the last decade. Having almost two decades of experience selling luxury products to her clients, she is known for her exclusive product designs that have made her over a million dollars in the last 5 years. Leah is passionate about teaching other photographers how to create a business that fulfills not only their creative side, but allows them to earn an income of their dreams.

Leah's Website

Tavia Redburn | Motherhood Photographer & Educator

Presentation: How to Create Content that Brings in Dream Clients

Tavia Redburn teaches moms how to make a full-time income with photography.

In 2018, Tavia retired her husband from his 9-5 while homeschooling her 3 kids and now she teaches other photographers how to use strategic marketing systems to build their photography empire AND be present for their kids!

Tavia's life mission is to show families they too can break out of the traditional "graduate, go to college, and get a job" mold we've been conditioned to believe is the "American dream," and that if they have a passion, there is a reason.

Tavia's Website

Kiati Plooksawasdi | Boudoir, Dance & Portrait Photographer & Educator

Presentation: DIY Your Studio: Easy and affordable ways to create new sets

Kiati is an Award-Winning Boudoir, Portrait, and Dance Photographer and Educator based in Ellicott City, MD. With over 14 years of experience in the photography industry, Kiati enjoys teaching and mentoring in both photography and the business behind photography when he is not behind the lens.

With 20 years in the corporate world developing business strategies for Fortune 150 companies, Kiati has helped launch and mentor several small businesses and now brings that experience to helping photographers develop their strategies.
In addition to the business side, Kiati utilizes both natural and artificial light in his work, to shape light to create drama and depth within his images.

Kiati is the AIBP (Association of International Boudoir Photographers) 2022
Ambassador of Excellence, has been published in Rangefinder, Philosophie
Boudoir Magazine among other publications and has spoken at ImagingUSA, WPPI, Pas De Deux Dance Photography Conference, ClickCon, and the Peculiar Collective Conference. He is currently planning several destination workshops and retreats for 2024.

Kiati's Website

Tara Graham | Family, Maternity & Newborn Photographer

Presentation: Curate A Killer Portfolio That Gets You Booked

Tara is an award-winning and accredited photographer focusing on newborn, maternity, and family photography just outside of Toronto, Canada. Originally starting in weddings, it was after attending her first big photo conference that she was inspired to photograph babies and families.

Tara is proud to be a Mentor and Ambassador with APNPI, also serving on their judging panel, and as an educator in their online Academy.

Tara saw her business double through the pandemic, and she has recently been a speaker at Shutterfest and WPPI, where she has been loving helping other photographers have those “Aha!” moments that she experienced over the years.

Tara's Website

Ben Marcum | Boudoir, Portrait & Headshot Photographer

PresentationBook More Clients: Actionable Steps You Can Take Now

Ben began his life in the arts as a theatrical sound designer, using sound and music to help people tell their stories. He eventually transitioned his love of storytelling to the visual arts, where he creates artistic boudoir and classic portraits that capture each sitter’s unique personality and story. Ben’s work is informed by a deep love of classic portrait artists like Sargent, Duveneck, Lely, Rembrandt, Rubens, and many others.

Ben's Website

Abby Grace | Brand Photographer & Educator

PresentationThe 6 Cardinal Rules of Light- Learning to *Read* Quality Light So You Can Create Your Own

Abby Grace is a brand photographer for high-performing, creative small business owners, and an educator for photographers. Her work has been seen in Forbes, Martha Stewart, Southern Living, and so many more. She’s an expert in brand identity with a passion for business that supports your lifestyle. Also an avid Francophile and a Hufflepuff, she often speaks in movie quotes and song lyrics, and her secret weapon is a tube of red lipstick. 

Abby's Website

Manali Sontakke | Business Coach & Brand Photographer

Presentation: 7 Psychology Tips for Photographers to Work Smarter, Not Harder

Hi, I'm Manali! I'm a business coach & wedding editor based out of Cincinnati OH! I thrive on helping creative entrepreneurs (photogs specifically!) become confident behind their business systems & schedules. When I'm not coaching creatives on taking back their time and scaling their business, you can find me at a cidery, hanging with my cat Keegan, kayaking or reading at a local coffee shop! I can't wait to connect with you during the summit!

Manali's Website

Leslie Kerrigan | Senior Photographer and Educator

Presentation: Creating the Ultimate Portrait Experience So You Get Booked!

Leslie Kerrigan is a senior portrait photographer and educator in Greenville, SC. Leslie has specialized in high school senior portraits for 15 years and has used her experience to educate other photographers through her educational site Leslie is obsessed with helping photographers be profitable in the genre they love to capture, seniors! She has taught on Creative Live, WPPI, Click Away, as well as hosted her own conferences and retreats all across the US. When she isn't photographing senior clients or teaching other senior photographers, she can be found hanging out with her two sons (one of which is a current senior in high school), her husband and her goldendoodle!

Leslie's Website

Jamie Pfister | Boudoir Photographer

Presentation: Pros and Cons of Having Associate Photographers

Jamie owns The Adore Girls Boudoir Studio in Nashville, TN, and is the lead photographer. She opened her studio in 2012 and has grown it to a multi-figure studio with women traveling in from across the country to shoot with her.

Jamie's Website

Jenn Fontaine | Studio Owner & Business Coach

Presentation: More Money, More Time. Using Pre-Payment Plans to Increase Cash Flow.

Jenn owns Fontaine Photography, a portrait studio located in Vancouver, Canada. She scaled her portrait business from $14,000 to over $250K in under one year and went on to double her revenue the following year while working less. She holds a $5000 sales average and has had many portrait sales as high as $10K, $20K, and even $35K+.

Jenn found her passion is helping other studio owners make more money, in less time. She is a big believer that you can have it all; you do not need to burn yourself out to have a successful business. She not only brings her sales knowledge to the table, but she’s also an expert in systems, time management, and mindset.

Jenn's Website

Ksenia Pro

Presentation: 5 Reasons Why You're Not Making More Money in Your Photography Business

Ksenia Pro is a Washington DC luxury maternity & portrait photographer with an extensive background and passion for fashion photography.
She specializes in magazine-style photo shoots that are designed to celebrate beauty, and motherhood and build strong personal brands.
Ksenia started her business in 2015 as a first-generation immigrant and turned it into a successful luxury photography studio.
In 2021 Ksenia created online educational programs for portrait photographers that are designed around the niche of Maternity Photography and are focused on not only becoming a better photographer but also a better business owner.

Ksenia's educational YouTube videos are collecting hundreds of thousands of views and her students enjoy her style of teaching.

Ksenia's Website

Rhea Lewis

Presentation: Boost your Bookings & Elevate Your Community Impact with Charity Photoshoots

Rhea Lewis is a distinguished photographer with over 20 years of experience, transitioning from a successful aerospace engineering career to owning a boutique studio in Jupiter, FL. Specializing in boudoir photography, she empowers women through transformative experiences. Recognized as a trailblazer since 2014, Rhea has been honored with awards like Photographer of the Year and a Gold Medal at PPA's 2023 International Photographic Competition. Named among Florida's Top 10 Photographers, she holds a Masters of Photography from Professional Photographers of America, as well as the Florida Degree of Photographic Excellence and the Sandra Pearce Award for Creative Artistry. She began a passion project 6 years ago called the Warrior Goddess project giving complimentary sessions to breast cancer survivors. To date, she has photographed over 75 women from across the country. Rhea has organized two successful art shows, with proceeds benefitting breast cancer charities, and her work has been showcased locally, heightening her brand awareness, elevating her profits, and garnering local recognition and prestige. As a mentor, Rhea shares her expertise with aspiring photographers, driven by her passion for education, and philanthropy involvement, and empowerment.

Rhea's Website

Anne Thomas | Personal Branding Photographer & Storytelling Mentor

Presentation: The Conversion Story: How to Use Social Storytelling To Sell Your Photography

Anne is a personal branding photographer who helps other photographers harness the power of storytelling in their marketing to attract dream clients. It's storytelling that has been the turning point in Anne's business.

Anne lived in Kuwait for 12 years, and despite being a foreigner, with little understanding of the language, it was photography that brought her closer to the people and allowed her to capture the ordinary and extraordinary details of Middle Eastern life in a way that words could not. It was here that Anne realised that we are all connected through the power of stories.

Fast forward to 2024 - Anne has harnessed this experience and woven it into her storytelling photography and mentoring to help others understand the power of story for all of us to attract our dream clients.

Anne's Website

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