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Wednesday March 27

  • Heike Delmore |¬†Three Hidden Limits in Your Photography Business That Stifle Growth & How to Quickly Level-up¬†|¬†Length 18 mins

  • Marissa Boucher |¬†Creating freedom in your business and owning your power¬†¬†|¬†Length 15 mins

  • Leah Clancy |Create Digital Packages That Sell for Thousands¬†|¬†Length 15 mins

  • Liz Hansen |¬†The Magic of Same-day Sales¬†|¬†Length 30 mins

  • Dina Mande | Double or Triple Your Revenue With Facebook Ads¬†¬†|¬†Length 32 mins

  • Jasmin Jade |¬†Find Your Signature Style with Presets¬†¬†|¬†Length 23 mins

  • Karen Bagley |¬†Quick Tips for Social Media Success¬†¬†|¬†Length 19 mins

  • Jeff Poole | Funnel Marketing: The Importance Of Owning Your Audience¬†|¬†Length 24 mins

  • Amanda Rae |¬†The Secret to Small Business Growth¬†¬†|¬†Length 21mins

  • Kiati Plooksawasdi |¬†DIY Your Studio: Easy and Affordable Ways to Create New Sets¬†¬†|¬†Length 26 mins¬†

Thursday March 28

  • Tavia Redburn |¬†How¬†to Create Content that Brings in Dream Clients¬†¬†|¬†Length 18 mins

  • Erin Blackwell | Work less and make more with branding photography¬†|¬†Length 23 mins

  • Ben Marcum |¬†Book More Clients: Actionable steps you can take now¬†|¬†Length 28 mins

  • Rachel Brenke |¬†Protect your photography business with TheLawTog¬†¬†|¬†Length 18 mins¬†

  • Manali Sontakke |¬†7 Psychology Tips for Photographers to Work Smarter, Not Harder¬†|¬†Length 33 mins

  • Jamie Pfister |¬†Pros and Cons of having Associate Photographers¬†|¬†Length 35 mins

  • Tanya Smith | 10¬†Easy Ways to Increase¬†Inquiries and Bookings

  • Jeff Brown |¬†Grow a Highly Profitable Photography Business through the Power of FREE LinkedIn Marketing ¬†|¬†Length 26 mins

  • Anne Thomas |¬†The Conversion Story: How to Use Social Storytelling to Sell Your Photography & Get More Clients¬† |¬†Length 28 mins

Friday March 29

  • Nino Batista |¬†Advanced Retouching for Magazine-Style Images¬†¬†|¬†Length 34 mins¬†

  • Shawn Black |¬†Secrets to Building a Boudoir Brand That Stands Out¬†¬†|¬†Length 23 mins

  • Jenn Fontaine¬†|¬†More Money. More time. Using Pre-Payment Plans to Increase Cashflow¬†|¬†Length 31 mins

  • Tara Graham |¬†Curate A Killer Portfolio That Gets You Booked¬†¬†|¬†Length 28 mins

  • Doug Weittenhiller | Top 5 Things to Start Doing Immediately for a Better Portrait Session Experience¬†|¬†Length 31 mins

  • Abby Grace |¬†The 6 Cardinal Rules of Light- Learning to *Read* Quality Light So You Can Create Your Own¬†| Length 24 mins

  • Cate Scaglione |¬†The Luxury Brand: Elevate Your Studio + Client Experience¬†|¬†Extended training:¬†Length¬†74 mins

  • Leslie Kerrigan |¬†Creating the Ultimate Portrait Experience So You Get Booked¬†¬†|¬†Length 24 mins

  • Ksenia Pro | 5 Reasons Why You're Not Making More Money in Your Photography Business¬†¬†|¬†Length 29 mins

  • Rhea Lewis |¬†Boost your Bookings & Elevate Your Community Impact with Charity Photoshoots¬†|¬†Length 26 mins¬†¬†¬†

Monday April 1


Hosted in the Facebook Group. Monday, April 1 at 4pm EST | 3PM Central


We take a little break over the weekend to re-charge and absorb all we've learned during the last 3 days.

Come back on Monday refreshed and read to share you big wins from the summit!

We will cheers to our successes (bring your drink of choice- you know what I'll be bringing!) share our biggest takeaways, and commit to moving forward and creating an action plan to implement what we've learned.

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