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Sound familiar?

Yeah- I was there too and it was not how I dreamed running a business would be.

So how did I get from there to where I am now, running a thriving and profitable boudoir studio?

I have been photographing women since 2011, and I have made a TON of mistakes along the way.  One of the biggest was trying to save money by figuring everything out myself. 

Which took forever.

Once I strategically started spending money on education, courses and mentoring from others who had learned before me, I saved myself a ton of time and money!

Yes, spending money to learn, helped me grow my business faster, and make more money in less time!

I was where you are. I loved the creative side of my business, but I just couldn't understand how others were making so much money, when I was struggling.

I worried that people wouldn't pay those prices and everyone already thinks I'm too expensive, how can I raise my prices?

I stressed because I thought I was "not good with numbers" and I didn't like selling.

But when I realized that these were just things I was telling myself that were holding me back, and I started running this like a business and not a hobby, everything changed.

And I want that for you too!

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